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BP Reviews

I 2/24/2016 Terrific family company. From the moment I made arrangements with Adrien, through the entire process, these guys came through. Nothing broken or damaged. The whole crew was friendly and professional. Great pricing too!


To the good hearted people who are interested in moving, BP EXPRESS is the best in the business. They are quick, respectful, and efficient. They really care about your items, They are on time, neat, courteous. And will get you from one location to another faster than you can say...THANK YOU!!....without anything BROKEN OR MISSING "...NO JOB IS TO BIG!!......I RECOMMEND CONTACTING THIS COMPANY "when ever you are ready to MOVE ".....HERE IS THE PHONE #856-448-9420/ 856-308-1638).....P.S ASK FOR "BIG BOB OR AJAY "....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CALL TODAY AND GET ON DOWN THE ROAD!!!


First off, don't be alarmed when the guy answers the phone "hello" it is in fact a legit moving company.  At first, I thought who did I just call? Secondly, he's not the most polished guy in the world which might scare some people away DONT LET IT SCARE YOU AWAY. I needed movers asap as it started raining and didn't want my buddies having to move my entire house in the pouring rain and he got me 2 guys within an hour at my door. These guys were unbelievable too. Not a scratch on my wall. Took every piece of furniture apart and packed my pod to the gills. They worked non stop until the job was finished, didn't relax or take a break once and did it for $300. I called them right up when I moved into my new house. Like I said, the guy on the phone sounds a little rough around the edges but the job gets done perfectly.