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You Get What You Pay For





Hiring the cheapest  moving company in town is not the best way to go.

9 times out of 10 it's a reason that moving company prices are so low.


Really bad service

  1. Never on time

  2. Not license

  3. No insurance

  4. No reviews

  5. Tell you one price on the phone moving day, price 3 times higher than quoted

  6. Go cheap and lose everything, just like the title say you get what you pay for.

  • YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOrYou paid $3000.00 for a bedroom set you want to keep it igood condition and pas it on hopefully to your kids one day, a beautisaved 6 months for this set.

Now you are moving from your 2 bedroom apartment to your dream house you need a mover you don't want to do the stress from the last move, is coming back your starting to get flashbacks nightmare.

The back pain is still fresh in your mind, the last thing you want to do is move your self to your new home.

It's day one your looking for a cheap moving company, a company that will do the job fast and cheap, you find one they only been in business 3 months they have reviews on yelp some good so bad but that s OK your trying to save a buck, you think it a great deal the company is giving so you go with this company .

Its moving day time the family's up and ready to go, the movers show up one guy walks pass reeking with alcohol half drunk,they only have 5 blanks on the truck and no hand dulls,all kinds of flags go up but its to late you gave them a deposit, your in to deep now

On the phone they said the move would only take 1 1/2 hr to load, it's been 3 hr movers still loading the truck, the trucks finally gets loaded going to your new home get to the new house the driver backs up in the driveway, its time to unload your standing there as the doors opens the first thing you see is your use to be beautiful bedroom set all scratched, chip and falling apart you can,t believe it how could this be.

One of the movers standing next to you tells you its ok go to home depot and get some touch up paint and gorilla glue it will look like new.

compel to go completely off on him,you walk away feeling like your about to lose your mind now what can you do the cheap, bad review moving company you hired, are not licensed or insured they refuse to pay for any damages its a big loss.

The moral to this story is cheaper is never better you get what you pay for.if the moving company reviews are good the cost should not be a major factor


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