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Free Moving Quotes

                       Free Instant Quotes


Going online to get a free moving quote is not the right thing to do.

BP Express moving company does not believe in instant quotes we want to see physically what's being moved. Theirs too many factors that affect the cost of your move to give you or someone a binding price over the phone or online.

Federal and State law mandate that moving companies will provide a written in-person estimate. for small moves, one-bedroom moves that we can do over the phone or online.

When you call BP express moving company, you will speak directly to us, the price we give is the price you pay, not a penny more. and never, never will we sub your job out to someone else. the quote we give you will never change, We will gather your information and make an in-house appointment to come to your home, apartment, or place of business when you are available Once there,  show us everything that's being moved.  we will discuss the job to be done, You'll have a written estimate and a free moving quote in your that day,so give us a call you will be glad you did, money-back guarantee.
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