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How to tell the difference between moving brokers and moving companies.

Yes it matters

Using a broker can be very expensive, confusing, and complicated, brokers are skilled sales man that sells moving leads.

You go online looking for a moving company on their website and give them your information the broker sell it to 5 different moving companies that will call you constantly trying to get the job.

The brokers are not the actual company that will do the job, they have no equipment or moving trucks they don't even have a license to do your move they are the middle man plan and simple.

Some broker can care less who they sell your information (lead) to license no license convict, they don't care its all about the money the more leads they sell the more money they make, some leads sell for $25or $30.

Don't get me wrong not all brokers are bad, there are some good reputable brokers out there and I know this as a fact, but how will you know the good from the bad? You have to be very careful who you give your information to I hear the horror story all the time about how some one got ripped off by fake moving companies and how they had to pay 3-4 times the price quoted to get there furniture and belonging back.

I got a call from a lady crying on the phone and she needed my help, she than told me how she hired a moving company online she gave them a deposit they told her not to worry its a small job no problem the movers said she waited all day for them her back she called 5-6 times to no avail , they never showed up she had to move that day or be charged $300 and lose her deposit,

Another lady booked a moving company from a broker she was going from the 2nd floor to a first floor apartment she needed a larger truck and 3 men she was scheduled to move at 9:00 am the movers showed up late very late, 12:00 am with a small truck and 2 men and stated to her that she would have to pay more money because they are short 1 man what a crock of bull.

its not right no one should be treated like this, people are getting ripped off everyday if you don't know shame on the broker but if you do know better, shame on you this should never happen to no one you pay good money for a service you expected good service.

What are the sign,and How to tell the difference between moving brokers and moving companies.

1) You go online and see an ad that says get 5 free instant online quotes in 30 seconds that's a big red flag its a broker.

2) If a moving company is coming from North Jersey and your relocation is 2 miles away that's a red flag broker.

3) You are given one price on Monday the price is double red flag broke. Also, if you're going to use a broker always check the reviews make sure to see what others has to say about them before you book move and if they have no reviews don't waste your time.

Dave, 9/15/2018

(856) 308-1638

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