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Hiring the cheapest  moving company in town  is not the best way to go 9 times out of 10 it a reason that moving company prices are so low.

  1. Real bad service

  2. Never on time 

  3. Not license

  4. No insurance

  5. No reviews

Tell you one price on the phone,  moving day price 3 times higher than quoted



While it is tempting to always choose the most affordable option when hiring a moving company, it can end up costing you more in the long run.


Many cheap moving companies have no reviews and no insurance or even license to do the job, which invites worrying about the safety of your items. What’s more, often these companies are never on time and provide real bad service.


that makes you regret ever having hired them in the first place. Get a great deal without any of these problems by taking advantage of promotions or discounts offered by reputable and trustworthy moving companies like BP EXPRESS MOVING



When considering hiring a moving company, it is usually not wise to make the cheapest choice. It is likely that the prices are so low because the movers don't have certifications, licenses, adequate insurance or reviews to back up their services.


As a result, most times you end up with real bad service, never on time and without any protection if your items were lost or damaged during transit.


Therefore, it is recommended to do an in depth search of available companies so you can get the best option for your move.

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