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Storage units

                                     Household Moving Storage service

Sometimes moving also means storage. If you are getting ready to move and your new home isn't ready yet, what do you do?

Ask BP Express Moving & Storage company about local facilities to store your household belongings.we specialized storage services provide a safe and easy solution when you are faced with conflicting real estate timetables.

Having a list of the finest storage facilities in south jersey, storing both commercial and residential goods. We are proud to invite and give our customers a list and tour of all units and you will be pleased to see how clean and secure they are. Our customers storing precious artwork or antiques appreciate that most units are climate controlled.
Moving out or into Storage

If your downsizing moving to a smaller home or apartment


it may not be practical to move all items into a new place.  However, people don't want to discard items they have acquired over the years for a lot of reasons it's a good idea to rent a  storage unit.

A moving storage unit comes in many shapes and sizes and can be rented i most cases first mouth "free" depending on a storage companies occupancy. These units come in a variety of sizes,10-10 10-15 10-20 10-30 all offering different amounts storage space.






The storage space and how boxes are stacked are important to acquiring a moving storage unit. Units should be as larger as the furniture that is going to be placed in them. Storing items should be organized so that labels on boxes are easily identifiable and are easy to get to. This cuts down on the risks of hurting someone's back when moving these boxes or items around.

Other aspects to consider are the security of the moving storage unit and getting a good price of the unit. The price of the unit will vary from company to company but should include the total space and security provided by the lot. Also, using a personal lock can also help you guard your belongings.

By successfully getting the right size storage unit, you can move items in and out of your residence as needed. It help the moving process by not forcing a 3-bed room house into a 2bed room apartment residence.
In choosing a storage unit, consider getting insurance,locks, protection BP Express moving company can help you with all of this give us a call,

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storage boxs

Let the pros do it BP express moving company have 20yrs exp in the moving business no job is too big or small for us. fast professional same day service the best moving companies in south jersey.


When you Hiring the right moving company everyone is happy, great price good service that's what you get with BP Express moving company.